Nurse Stacey in the House

Do You need a bandage or do you need to talk to someone about issues you have? Go into the nurse’s office and Amy Stacy will welcome you. Mrs. Stacy is the new nurse of Da Vinci this year. For the last two years, she worked at Valley Oak Preschool. She also worked at North Davis elementary where her three kids go to school.
Her job is not like most of the people think it is,
“Well it is not a lot of first aid like a lot of people probably think,” Stacy said. “I do a little of case management, I help kids who have chronic illnesses or condition who need regular help treatment or care, help them establish plans at school so they can be safe while they are here and make them access to curriculum and go to class, be kids!” she continued. During the day she is mostly responding to emails from parents and spends time calling doctors. Sometimes Stacy does screenings for little kids, including checking their hearing and vision when they have a need or when the teachers refer them.
One of Stacy’s goals for this year was to create a place to treat sick students beyond just in the office. She really wanted to have a room so that students have somewhere to lay down and have some privacy, so she asked for donations and now Mrs. Stacy has her own office; a good place with a bed where students can have seclusion when they feel bad.
Mrs. Stacy likes DV, she feels good here. “I love it, I think it is a great community,” she said, “Students seem happy to be here and engage, the staff is supportive and they work very well together like the students did.” “I’m happy to be here and I’m here to help, if you need anything from a bandage to someone to talk to about your concerns, I’m here!”

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