New Teachers at Da Vinci

Say hi to the five new teachers on the Da Vinci Campus. The beginning of the school year can be stressful and exciting for all, and this sentiment was shared by Da Vinci’s newest staff members. The additions include math teacher Ms. Briana DeRobbio, social science teacher Ms. Brittany Rosenberg, math teacher Mrs. Elaine Woo, coding instructor Mr. Terry Toy and P.E. teacher Mr. Justin McBirney are all welcomed new additions to the Da Vinci family, and they are looking forward to a great school year.
For the first day of school, these new staff members were nervous, but also very excited to start the school year at Da Vinci. They were excited to get to know their students. “I was really happy to come back after three years away from Da Vinci.” said Mrs. Woo.
Teachers and students were really welcoming and friendly. All the new teachers found that the three first days were a good idea to start the school year, which was helpful for the students and for the teachers. It was a real success. The fact that Da Vinci had this first three day orientation, helped Ms. DeRobbio. “With the 3 days I could prepare myself for the first academic week,” said Ms. DeRobbio.
Da Vinci is different than their previous schools. It’s smaller and only has grades 10 to 12 making it a little learning community. Da Vinci also works with technology, while other schools learn in a more traditional style.
The first week went well for everyone because they felt supported by returning teachers, and felt that the students were very kind and friendly. “Everyone was ready to start learning,” said Mrs Woo.
This new school year, new teachers are also looking forward to developing good and positive relationships with students, and hope that students will be able to enjoy learning a lot in their classes g. Ms. DeRobbio is looking forward to seeing her students grow and mature throughout the year.
All of them are truly happy to be here! Students also seem glad that they are here at Da Vinci.

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