Movie Review: High School Musical 4?

OMG. Did you catch the teaser trailer for High School Musical 4 on YouTube?

It turns out the trailer that came out earlier this year was fake, unfortunately, but, according to, there is some truth to the possibility of some sort of reunion of the cast. Why not recap the previous movies so we are caught up and ready?!

In the first High School Musical, it’s New Year’s Eve and basketball star Troy meets studious Gabriella and they hit if off after singing karaoke together. They don’t think they will ever see each other again, but Gabriella moves to Troy’s high school and it’s magic all over again. Their relationship is challenged by Sharpay and Ryan, siblings who try to break them up. This high school love story shakes up the whole school. In the end, Troy and Gabriella amaze the audience with their singing and dancing.

In the second movie, it’s summer time for the Wildcats, which means finding a job. Troy and Gabriella get jobs at Lava Springs, a resort founded by Sharpay’s family. Sharpay still plans on ways to get Troy and Gabriella apart, and finds a way for Troy to lose his friends and Gabriella. However, the talent show at the end changes things when Troy helps Gabriella with her stage fright and things get better for them.

In the third and final movie, it’s senior year for the Wildcats. Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay and the others are thinking about the reality of leaving for college. Gabriella goes to college early and Troy goes to see her there, realizing that it will be hard on the relationship to be far apart. At the end, all of the kids decide where they are going to college.
According to Hollywood Focus, this next movie will focus on the new Wildcats: Derick, Erin, Nathalie, Campbell, and Tamara. It is being written now and it should be released at the theaters in the next couple years.

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