Mock Trial Team Gears Up for Competition

The extraordinary Da Vinci Mock Trial team prepares for their first official competition of the year. With a perfect record of wins under their belt, they are confident in going head to head with other Californian mock trial teams. Mock Trial is “A team of dedicated students who prepare court cases for regional tournaments,” explained senior Benjamin London, vice president of the Da Vinci Mock Trial team. Throughout the US there are numerous mock trial teams at high schools as well was colleges. Mock Trial is where students are given a court case and have to argue for their side as if it were a real court trial

The president of the Da Vinci Mock Trial team, senior Chase Furman, spends countless hours working to prepare his team for victory. Before the 2016-2017 school year Da Vinci did not have a Mock Trial team, until Furman stepped in and created one. “I started Mock Trial because I wanted to create a place on campus where students with an interest in law could gather and learn about the legal system together,” explained Furman.

Last school year the Mock Trial team was victorious over their opponents in the competition in Sacramento. This year, the team readily anticipates their first competition. “Our first official competition is January 31st. It will be against a team from Sacramento county, but we do not know what specific team yet,” said vice president London.

“We are doing very well this season,” said president Furman. The Mock Trial team meets every Monday for an hour and a half in order to hone their skills and get ready for their first competition. They regoriously practice their roles, such as defense attorney and expert witness, so that they are ready for anything in the upcoming competition.

Both the president and vice president shared their perspective on how Mock Trial can help students gain an insight into having a career in law. “ I believe that Mock Trial gives a good insight into how a trial operated and the preparations necessary to succeed in the world of law,” said President Furman.

“Mock Trial provides all students the opportunity to work, and think like a lawyer everyday,” explained vice president London.
We look forward to hearing about the continued success of the Da Vinci mock trial team as they take on their competition.

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