Got Sleep? The Reasoning Behind Late Start

Hey welcome back all Dino people! Are you ready to start a brand new year at Da Vinci? As you all have noticed, students now get an extra 25 minutes of sleep each school night so they can feel more rested.
Do you know why Da Vinci has late start? DJUSD Later Start Initiative states, “The DJUSD is committed to our mission of creating optimal conditions and environments for all students to learn. In alignment with our mission the DJUSD Board of Trustees instructed the Superintendent to make secondary school start times later, while continuing to promote the education of parents, students, staff and the community regarding the importance of sleep for teens and the factors that affect the quality and duration of teenage sleep.”
After looking through the website and Later Start link, anyone can tell the district has put a lot of thought into this schedule change. They want students to do well and it starts with some sleep.
As former teacher and current principal, Mr. Tyler Millsap is very familiar with tardies. “Sometimes a lot of students were tardy, which was frustrating for me as a teacher,” said Mr. Millsap as he remembered back to the good old days of teaching. “So far, I actually think there are fewer tardies and that’s a very good thing,”
Ms. Debbie Martin was also impacted by the later start time. “I like the fact that mornings aren’t as hurried in the office, but I haven’t noticed a difference in student tardiness from last year,” said Martin. In fact, “The day before the Labor Day holiday weekend in 2017 vs. 2016 a higher percentage of students were late to 1st or 2nd period. In 2016 5.2% (16 out of 307) students) were late to 1st or 2nd and in 2017 7.0% (21 out of 301) were late. Thus, for this one day, a greater percentage of students were late compared to last year at the same time,” reported Martin.
Have a great year, Da Vinci Charter Academy students! Set your alarms. Get some rest. Come to school refreshed and ready to learn.

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