Da Vinci Students Mix It Up

During the early morning of October 9th, students met in random selected groups around the Da Vinci campus and participated in Mix It Up Day to encourage the meeting of new people, as well as making new friends, thus strengthening the campus community.

While Mix It Up seems like a total Da Vinci event, the leadership class found their inspiration elsewhere. “We were inspired by the official Mix It Up Day event sponsored by Teaching Tolerance,” said senior and event coordinator Mia Skaggs. “[We] used that to create an event that would break down stereotypes and allow groups at our school to get mixed up.”

So, during the time that Davis Senior High School scrambled to be ready for their homecoming parade, the Da Vinci community kicked back and enjoyed an hour of team building and making new friends.

At the beginning of the event, students came together to give their name, pronouns and an interesting fact about them to introduce themselves. This was followed by paired interviews, where students had a chance to meet new people and to talk about their similarities and differences. “Since I was leading a group, I experienced more of a leadership role,” said senior Winnie Lao. “What I took away from Mix It up Day was engaging conversations and how interactive everyone can be.”

After the introductory activities, the group played two teambuilders, demonstrating the community here on campus and how the student body functions as a team. These teambuilders included a silent organization of birthdays in order and hand signaling game that was similar to the concept of “Big Booty” with other students. “I hope [that through this] others will know that they will always have the opportunity to make new friends and be included in Da Vinci culture,” said Skaggs.

Following the indoor activities, the students and staff shuffled to the black top where the second class cup activity was played. The three grade levels to raced each other to finish a dinosaur puzzle. And although the race was a nail biter, the seniors won and look forward to continuing their streak in the class cup this year.

Leadership coordinator Mia Skaggs wishes to remind the community that the leadership class would love to hear your input to help them move forward this year as they plan several similar events. “Leadership loves to hear feedback from DV students,” said Skaggs, “so if you or anyone you know has ideas or comments about this year’s event, make sure to let us know!”

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