Da Vinci Fall Survey Results

Fall is upon us, but how does the Da Vinci public feel about it? Da Vinci students of all grades took a poll that asked them about Fall, a short survey, but a survey nonetheless, which was comprised of four questions about the autumn season.

The first question on the survey was What is your favorite part of fall? The most popular answer was cool weather. The second most popular answer was fall break, and the third most popular answer was Thanksgiving food.

The second question was What is the most cliche Halloween costume? Unsurprisingly the most popular question was the infamous cat costume, second in line was the classic skeleton costume, third up in the wake of the movie IT the clown costume. Other cliche halloween costumes mentioned were: Devil, Ghost, Banana costume, Rick and Morty, Inflatable T-Rex, Mormon and Vampire.

The third question (mistakenly on the survey twice) was What is your favorite Fall drink? It turns out people are very opinionated on their favorite fall drinks. Between the two polls, the most popular drink was Peppermint Tea, a close second was a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, third was the Pumpkin Chai Latte from Peet’s Coffee, and fourth (and arguably most important), water.

The last question was What will you be doing over Fall Break? The most popular answer was a combination of answer A) Eating, and B) Sleeping. 45% of the answers were for both A, and B. The second most popular answer was killing animals at 10.5%, the third highest answer was eating at 7.5%, and fourth at 5.6% was sleeping.

This survey is interesting because it illuminates the DVs opinion on Fall. Obviously Da Vinci likes fall and are excited to roll into winter!

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