College Applications: What’s the Scoop?

College application season is among us, and seniors are shooting for finishing most of their applications by the end of November in order to hear back from the schools they are admitted to in March.
Da Vinci is very supportive to the seniors and informs them of resources for college applications all year. “There are good facts pages for both UC and CSU applications as well as the common app, but your counselors are great resources so don’t hesitate to ask your counselors,” said Counselor Erika Strand. lease come and see us at lunch on Wednesdays in the presentation room working with students,” she continued.

Every Wednesday from October fourth through November 15th there will be lunchtime workshops with both DV counselors. These workshops include: College Lists and Naviance, the UC application, the CSU application, Common Applications and just general application work time. Counselors highly recommend students take advantage of this opportunity since most college deadlines for regular admission are due between November 30 to January 1 ,depending on the school.

Time management is critical for meeting deadlines. “You’ve got to have a good calendar,” said Strand. “Make sure that you are backwards planning from November 26th when you have to get your UC and CSU application’s done. I did not say November 30th because you don’t want to be working on Nov 30th on those apps, you want them done before Thanksgiving,” she said, emphasizing the importance of keeping a steady schedule.

Some seniors have started applications and some have not. “I’m filling out the CSU app, UC app, Common App and apps for private colleges,” said senior Sarena Solodoff. “They take up a good amount of my time. Outside of school I’m usually working, so I try to do my college apps during school whenever I have free time.”Solodoff is applying to a wide range of colleges, but every senior is different.

Ninety-three percent of last year’s graduating class attended college after high school, with 67% percent going to four year colleges and 26% going to two year colleges. Taking a gap year and joining the workforce is also an option available to students seeking something other than school.

Make sure to make an appointment with a counselor if there is any confusion in this process, or maybe even contact a senior from last year! For any unanswered questions email either Ms. Strand at or Ms. Roper at

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