Class CUPdate

Da Vinci is all about community, and this year the leadership class has come up with an interesting way to bond different grade levels through friendly competition with The Class Cup. “Class Cup is an interclass competition where each grade can participate and win points,“ said Da Vinci senior Jocelyn Busch, a member of the leadership class and one of the creators of The Class Cup.

“Prior games were the scavenger hunt on the first Friday of school and the puzzle game on mix it up day,” said DV senior Izzy Giannetti, also a member of the leadership class and one of the creators of The Class Cup. Spirit Week was also a way for students to earn points. The scavenger hunt was the event where the whole school gathered on the field behind the portables and answered questions with their teams to find the location of the next clue. The puzzle game was the event on Mix It Up Day where each student had a few pieces and had to work together with their class to complete their puzzle.

Currently, seniors are in the lead with 158 points, sophomores are coming in second with 71 points, and juniors are close behind in third with 69 points. “Students can see an updates tally of points on the inside of the office door,” said Giannetti.

The Class Cup is a year round event and there are still many ways to earn points. “The costume contest on Halloween, Chili Cook Off, and participating in the talent show at Winter Feast are a few upcoming ways to earn points,” said Busch. Students should continue to participate and earn points for their class.

The student body enjoys this new idea. “Class Cup is a cool idea to motivate students to have more school spirit. I’m pretty sure the idea is based off Harry Potter where they have different grades compete against each other, which is pretty cool because I also like Harry Potter,” said Da Vinci senior Ellie Dawson.

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