Anonymous Students Discuss Plagiarism

Everyone knows that plagiarism gets you an F at Da Vinci. What people don’t always know is that other students DO recognize when “their work” isn’t really their work, damaging their reputation as a collaborator.

It may be tedious to cite every source you use, but the consequences of plagiarism are never worth it. A plagiarised text is one of the few assignments that will get you a 0, not even a 40 percent, at Da Vinci. High school students are expected to phrase in their own words and credit their sources. These anonymous students have all experienced ugly situations resulting from people labeling other’s work as their own.

Video Plagiarising:
“Last year in English class during one of our final projects, we were asked to make a story with a video. The content in someone’s video was deliberately plagiarized from another story or online video. One of the team members didn’t know and just went along the idea. While the video was playing, people in the classroom knew it was not an original story. We all heard about it happening but no one told a teacher.”

The Fearless Flapper:
“So, 1929 night articles were due and there was this one person in our group, who, I read over their article and it was just not their words, and they would not admit that they had plagiarized, even though all the teachers knew and anyone who read their article could tell.”
Penguins against plagiarism
“My friend plagiarized a paragraph about penguins in 7th grade.”
Teachers just know
“I cited the wrong sources and Ms. Gist could tell right away. She was like, ‘this has nothing to do with this.’”

Wikipedia Did My Homework:
“Someone left the footnotes from wikipedia on their essay. Literally just copied and pasted from Wikipedia, it was on the history of Saudi Arabia, in like 7th grade. They didn’t do their work the night they turned in the essay. They didn’t really format or anything, its like, a bunch of different fonts from what they wrote, from what the wiki article was, and Thompson comes up like, “did you write this?” and they’re like “uh why are you asking me that..?” Thompson goes: “because you have a bunch of different text sizes and a bunch of weird footnotes… I don’t think you wrote this.” “uhhhh yeah guess I didn’t…”. The student ended up with a zero and had to do community service for Thompson.”

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