An Evening of SIN: Senior Information Night

Are you a senior, or a senior guardian, and need more information about senior events such as Senior Trip? Do you have a pitch for the Senior World Record Challenge? If your answer is yes to either of the above then we got you covered!

On Tuesday, September 12 in the MPR, Seniors and their guardians are strongly encouraged to come to Senior Information Night where all your senior year questions will be answered. This will also be the time for you to give your pitch for the Senior World Record challenge.
Senior Information Night will be covering the basics of the year to come. From Senior trip, to caps and gowns. “We try to encapsulate the highlights of senior year, so that [the Seniors] have a picture of the whole thing starting off and aren’t [without any information or feel confused],” said Vice principal Scott Bell.

While it may seem like a Back to School night event where only guardians or parents attend, seniors should arrive with their families. “We want the whole family [to attend] because if you’re sitting there, you’re hearing the same thing, you might hear one thing and your parents might hear another,” said Vice Principal Scott Bell. “And so this gives [the family] a time to pull together as a team.”

Towards the end of the event the seniors and their guardians or parents will split into different “groups.” Guardians and parents will have a question answer segment, while the seniors will speak with Mrs.Conners and Ms.Gist about pitches for the senior world record project.

This year, Mrs.Conners and Ms. Gist have started a new tradition for the senior class here at DaVinci. The senior class will come together and break a Guinness World Record. The project is “[a] challenge for the seniors [that is] a twofold of something that’s low risk, non academic,” Said Mrs. Conners. “But this also has the potential to leave a lasting memory for this campus, for this school forever.”

Both Mrs. Conners and Ms. Gist are hoping to see this tradition carry out over the years as upcoming classes watch the project unfold. “Once the first world record is broken,” said Ms. Gist, “why wouldn’t the juniors, upcoming seniors, want to break a world record too?”

There also has been a nice turn out of many students who have expressed their interest in making a pitch for the senior challenge. And others are very excited to watch the process unfold. “I’m interested to see the pitches on Senior Information Night,” said senior Lev Turner. “I look forward to voting on what the seniors come up with, and getting started on the challenge.”

While both teachers said they are waiting to see what happens before getting too excited about the challenge, they are excited to see what’ll happen on Senior Information Night and what’ll come next. If you have any questions about pitches, or the challenge process, both Mrs.Conners and Ms. Gist are your go to sources.

All in all, Senior Information Night, or “An Evening of SIN,” as Mr. Bell calls it, will be an information packed event when the senior class will get together, and talk about the year and a new tradition.

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